Shimmering Wolf

WolfSashaShootingPoolShimmering Wolf grew up in Texas in a family culture where connection to God was prominent. Along with a Catholic educational upbringing, this is what initially paved the the roads of his life with a connection to Spirit. 

His conventional religious upbringing did not quite satisfy his hunger for direct connection to, and experience of, the creator and the spirit-world. He longed for something deeper and more intimate. He always felt this through his art, photography and his connection to animals. 

As a visionary artist, he has a powerful ability to see through the see through the inner vision of his clients and produce art that captures the unseen and private side of spirit. He also is able to capture the presence of spirit in the rituals, lectures and in the in everyday life of all who come into the view of his camera. Even the invisible world is drawn to his camera as he photographs nature spirits, orbs, ectoplasm streams and the intimate flow between light, shadow and darkness and the seen and unseen. He has also been trained in Native American medicine ways and has lead many visionary rituals assisting people to release and surrender into the outflowing spirit that flows through all creation. His talents lends beauty, artistry and web presence to Conjure Crossroads as well as other magical and spiritual teachers, websites, books and CDs around the world.

He has had a successful design business for over 25 years, creating marketing communications projects for a wide variety of clients, producing logos, brochures, advertisements, music CD and DVD packaging, trade show graphics, multi-media projects, video, photography and more... "Anything Creative" is his motto.

Shimmering Wolf has had a 25 year devotion to fire circles and indigenous understandings. He participated in all 5 Firedance festivals, and was a founding council member of the Phoenix Fire Nonprofit Organization and Event, which also spanned 5 years. He and Susan founded Redwood Nights fire circle gatherings, which is in it's 8th consecutive year.  He is devoted to serving community needs and providing a coyote like lightness to the spirit of gatherings. He is a fine artist and graphic designer with the added gift of intuitive insight. Face Painting Shaman, Provocative Purveyor of Poignant Prose, Drummer, Healer, Counselor, and Artist. 


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